Changing Your Environment Part 2
June 16, 2017
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This is your life, live it NOW

Every day is a new day. If you do not live each day as if it is your last, than you are not living, only existing. At any given moment your life could be over in this particular life. I am sure many are eager to learn what is next, but what about now?  

There is another life beyond this one, I have no doubts about this. But one thing you must understand – how you live your life now, determines how your life is to be in the next. Everything affects everything. Every action there is a reaction in THIS LIFE and the next.

The more you enhance who you are in this life, the more you awaken layers of your DNA, until you awaken to other parts of yourself. There are endless layers of YOU in this life; take chances, don’t be afraid to do something different, make a change in how you dress, what you eat, who you get to know or where you travel. Change alters DNA – when you alter or release lower vibrations within yourself, you release “old” memories; Anger, hate, ego, resentment, judgement, etc. These type of emotions keep us in a constant state of chaos. As you learn to balance and release these emotions, you raise consciousness. You began to understand more about yourself and who you really are and WHY you are on this planet at this particular time.

Change is all around you, if you do not make changes, you will become Old and age more rapidly. To always become more aware with age each year, and learn to be less judgmental of others and self, you will slow down the aging process. You will alter your DNA and feel more at peace with everything and everyone around you.

You should not work at being happy, you should BE happy. Just ONE KIND gesture a day is not asking too much is it? Is your life so busy that you are unable to find a moment to do so?

Create the thought, see it in action and soon it will manifest before your eyes. They call this manifestation – YOU REALLY ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR OWN LIFE. Prove it to yourself.

Take care – its only your LIFE.

From my angels to yours…

Derek Berman
Derek Berman
Derek Berman has a degree in mechanical engineering, but found his true passion in the music industry. He joined a rock ‘n roll band called The Echoes, playing guitar for Jerry Lee Lewis, Conway Twitty, Roy Orbison and many others. The Beatles were the warm-up band for The Echoes at The Cavern Club in Liverpool. Since then he has worked as a recording engineer and record producer in the UK and US. Derek has managed theatrical booking agencies and booked big name celebrities. In partnership with Bob Tarantino, head of promotions at A&M Records, Derek and Bob were instrumental at the beginning of House & Rap music in Chicago. Derek has written The Book Of Life to help the reader create joy in their life. In this book, he shares the knowledge that the beliefs we hold about life create the lives that we live.

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