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Derek Berman

The Book of Life

Why you should buy this book

Life is full of twists & turns and we often ask why things happen. This book will help to explain the why’s.
When we observe our world we take it for granted that others see it in the same way. However, what is obvious is not necessarily true.
Why is it that fame. . . prosperity. . . power don’t neccesarily bring one happiness?
If we do not love ourselves, then we cannot really love anyone else. But how can we love ourselves?
Fear, not hate, is the opposite of love. This is an important concept to understand and is not difficult to prove

What you will find inside the book

Life is varied and every person’s path is unique. The Book of Life provides a foundation for achieving true happiness. We tend to add complexity to our lives and as technology advances we are presented with increasingly more choices.
We lose sight of why we are here and how to live fulfilling joyful lives in spite of the everyday pressures that sometimes seem to overwhelm us.
Although our beliefs shape our lives, they are only personal beliefs and do not necessarily hold true for others. They have been passed on to us from our parents, teachers, and authority figures and we believe them.
The Book of Life offers practical ideas and useful exercises on creating a better life, which are presented in a down to earth, easy to read manner. This book can literally change your life. The understanding you may gain will enable you to break free of the beliefs that are holding you back.

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Life seems complicated and most self help books are complicated.
This book has been written with the prime objective of simplifying the complexities of life into 26 topics.
The information in this book can be used to bring happiness to anyone with a will to use it.
This book will change your life.

About me

I grew up in London, England. At the age of twenty I joined The Echoes, a rock’n’roll band, playing backup for many popular stars of the 60’s including Jerry Lee Lewis, Conway Twitty, The Four Seasons, Dusty Springfield, Freddy Cannon, Rodger Wittaker and many others. The Echoes played at The Cavern in Liverpool, with The Beatles as their warm-up band one week proir to the release of “I Wanna Hold Your Hand.”

I have worked as a recording engineer in the UK and U.S. I have managed theatrical booking/management agencies and booked big name celebreties such as Tom Jones, Englebert Humperdinck, Anne Murray, etc. I have also worked with Bob Tarantino, head of promotions at A&M Records, who was responsible for the promotion of Sting, The Go Go’s, The Carpenters, and many others. We were instrumental at the beginning of House & Rap in Chicago, managing Fast Eddie, Frankie “Hollywood” Rodriguez and many other top House and Rap DJ’s with hits too numerous to mention.


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    Derek Berman

    The Book of Life